The powerhouse at Millhouse Resthome: Dignity, Diversity, Individuality, Privacy and Security


Millhouse Resthome

  • 34 Mill St., West Acton, Ontario L7J 1G4 Tel. No. 519-853-5306 Fax. No. 519-853-4047
  • New Site 14022 Third Line Halton Hills, Ontario L7J 2M1 Tel. No. 519-853-9773 Electronic Fax 1-866-477-0958 Fax. No. 519-853-8023
  • Email:
  • P.O. Box 509 Acton STN Main L7J1E0
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Welcome to Millhouse Resthome

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At Millhouse Resthome, we provide a loving, caring home, where basic physical needs are met, fosters mental health and support emotional needs. Love and respect is bounding, where every person is entitled to his individuality with privacy and respect.

At Millhouse Resthome we are family, and we are friends. We take time to understand and assist each person assimilate in the community.

At Millhouse Resthome, life is worth living.

Residents at Millhouse Resthome are entitled to:

  • 3 Healthy Balance Meal a day
  • 3 Snacks a day 10 AM, 2PM, 8PM
  • Laundry a minimum of once a week
  • Free phone use, free internet and free tv and movie nights
  • Scheduled Activities once a week
  • Scheduled Shopping and outing trips
  • Arranged ride to appointments.
  • Free hygiene products
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Millhouse Resthome is committed to building and preserving an open, inclusive and, healthy working environment for its staff members based on mutual respect. In accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code, Millhouse Resthome does not condone or tolerate acts of discrimination or harassment in the workplace against or by any staff member.