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Millhouse Resthome

  • 34 Mill St., West Acton, Ontario L7J 1G4 Tel. No. 519-853-5306 Fax. No. 519-853-4047
  • New Site 14022 Third Line Halton Hills, Ontario L7J 2M1 Tel. No. 519-853-9773 Electronic Fax 1-866-477-0958 Fax. No. 519-853-8023
  • Email:
  • P.O. Box 509 Acton STN Main L7J1E0
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What We Do

Home and Personal Services

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  • Medication — Prepared and packaged by the Pharmacist on a weekly blister pack, Medication are kept on a locked cupboard. The Millhouse staff assists during medication time.
  • Personal Hygiene — Residents are reminded and assisted to maintain good personal hygiene. A daily schedule is prepared for shower and change to clean clothes. Basic hygiene include brushing teeth, washing hands before and after meals and when necessary. Hand sanitizer available at all times.
  • Foot care and Barber services available.
  • Bed Making — Linens are changed once a week or when necessary. Staff does the bed making and residents are encouraged to help and maintain cleanliness and neatness in their rooms as well as throughout the house.
  • Laundry — Residents are provided with hamper for dirty clothes. Laundry is done once a week for each resident or when necessary. Residents help by taking their laundry to the laundry room and picking up their clothes when done.
  • Housekeeping – All bedrooms, kitchen, dining, living, recreation room, toilets and other shared areas are cleaned everyday by staff.
  • Home Fire and Safety Maintenance checks every day.

Room, Board and PNA

  • ODSP, CPP, PGT, OW $841/month (preferably Direct Deposit)
  • PNA Disbursement as per your choice

Food Services

Meals are prepared fresh in house and served in the dining room at scheduled hours. Packed lunches are available for those who go on a trip or work every day. Late meals are served only with prior notice. Special Dietary meals available.

Meal Schedule

0730-0830 Breakfast – Continental breakfast
1000 Mid morning Snack -Coffee or juice, fruits.
1200 Lunch -Hot lunch choice of meat pies, pizza, hearty soup, with toast, or cold cuts sandwiches served with vegetables and dessert and drinks.
1400 Mid afternoon snack -Coffee, tea or juice
1700 Dinner – Meat preparation (roast beef, bbq chicken, meatloaf), stewed, grilled or baked meat. Served with vegetable, potatoes, with bread and Dessert and Drinks.
2000 Evening Snacks -Coffee, tea or juice. Menu posted in the dining room.


  • Monthly Birthday Celebration
  • Bowling Trips
  • Sightseeing
  • Shopping
  • Picnics
  • Scheduled Physical Fitness
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Millhouse Resthome is committed to building and preserving an open, inclusive and, healthy working environment for its staff members based on mutual respect. In accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code, Millhouse Resthome does not condone or tolerate acts of discrimination or harassment in the workplace against or by any staff member.